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About  Ron Ward’s Presentation & Workshop


How To “Share the Gospel” Through YOUR INSPIRED Discipleship

Parenting, Grand Parenting and Family Life

Here is what people are saying about my  Workshop Presentations:


  • It was wonderful. Was especially impressed with his enthusiasm and the depth of his faith.

  • Ron, summarized the 11 week Alpha Program into an easy to understand and motivating 48 minute PPT presentation. Excellent!

  • Great presentation. Gives courage to share more about our faith.

  • Wonderful example of the RVM process. Excellent statistics-aha moment! Great focus on developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Thank you!

  • Excellent presentation. Very enlightening.

  • Enjoyed Ron’s presentation. Got ideas on how to talk to people.

  • Simplicity. Clear and organized presentation.

  • Thought inspiring regarding our faith and how to keep it alive by telling someone.

  • Very informative and well planned. Terrific!

  • Ron was very well organized, clear and gave practical ideas. He was very spiritually inspiring.

  • Practical, right to the point.

  • Very clear explanations. Ideas I’ve never thought of regarding evangelizing.

  • I thought the presentation was done very well. I liked his  personal stories.

  • I liked the idea of looking in the RVM. Looking forward to using his  workbook.

  • Well done Ron. It was excellent.

  • Ron covered everything very well. I wouldn’t change a thing.

  • It enlightened me to evangelize more.

  • Great presentation, looking forward to all the next steps.


Ron is the author of: “How You Can Find God in Your Rearview Mirror”

To schedule Ron to come to your parish contact him at

Visit his Website         or call him at 248-345-2468

Ron is available for speaking engagements too. Contact us or
call to reserve a day and time. 
Ron Ward is a proud member
of the elite
Catholic Speakers Organization, CMG Booking.

(Use key words "Ron Ward")


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